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its a name and it means god of light
uriah is one of the saints in the bible ...
by wowzers1202 September 9, 2007
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1.) Chill
2.) Smart
3.) Hot as fuck
4.) Amazing listener
5.) Always DTF
6.) Coolest kid you'll ever meet
Susie: Who's your boyfriend?
Hannah: Uriah
Susie: Really? You're so lucky, he's such an amazing guy!
by xxAmburrxx January 20, 2012
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Is the supreme ultimate pacifist.
Has an extremely long penis.
Uriah is the supreme ultimate pacifist and will destroy masofists.
by Pacifists August 20, 2017
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The hottest kid you will ever meet and he has a six pack and he’s super funny and every girl loves him and you will always wanna be with him because of how nice he is and he is really caring for others!!!
Who does URIAH like any girl would be lucky to have someone like URIAH.
by Faggotnibba July 9, 2019
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Uriah is a creative and different girl. She is half girly half tomboy. Her family and friends are her main priority in life but she loves her career too. She has trust issues because of her past but manages to find the best of friends and the best in people. People sometimes tell her she is beautiful, she never believes them because she is insecure. She also loves animals and babies/ children or kids.
Ashanti:"Do you know Uriah?"
Random people:"Is it your weird friend?"
by Love Unicorns 3307 April 23, 2019
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