Verb. The act of impatiently waiting.
You’re deadline and urgentness are both too soon for me I will need more time.
by Izzyburgh January 31, 2018
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A term used liberally by Lawyers,Bankers, people working in the Finance sector etc to describe something which all too often is not actually urgent but they simply want it done quicker.

Hey IT Support, my phone is crackling and I must have someone look at it urgently. OR Hi IT Support, I have got a new icon on my desktop and I need to know what it is urgently.

Hey Messengers, I have got some files on my desk for archiving and they must be taken away as a matter of urgency.

Hi payments team, this banking instruction plus the other 1000 I have sent you today are urgent, urgent, urgent.
by 1mangsy March 26, 2008
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If you are a Nigerian guy, you will understand what "URGENT 2K" mean

Even if you're in love with the girl, you go kukuma out immediately
Ole: Tundu! Please, I need urgent 2k

Therefore; Tunde is a member of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN)

Tunde: OK, let me see what I can do (na there e end)

Brothers code 301: Save your brother from urgent 2k ladies
Please do all you can to save him from such girls
by SMAN Executive February 25, 2021
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Abeg you fit give me urgent 2k I go pay back
Babe I need urgent 2k
by Simpson stella February 24, 2021
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Short, sharp male masturbation performed under time pressure. Often at risk of being caught/interrupted
The wife went to the shop, time for an urgent tug!
by Gurusi May 3, 2015
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When a man cannot wait to place his erect penis in a woman's bum, and so hastens around sticking his penis in any asses he can find. Possibly he would even pirate a man's ass in his haste. Very bad news to be standing in front of such a pirate in line for, say, groceries.
That Urgent Pirate just stabbed your nasty-ass mom in the butt!
by scorpionmintred December 28, 2003
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When you're in polite company but you've eaten a dodgy kebab the night before and your arse is about to explode with diarrhoea.
"Do excuse me Elizabeth, but the kebab I ate last night has given me a touch of the urgent bum."
by Pooisa October 16, 2017
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