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urbandictionary is the site your on you fucking dumb twat
by 69UWUMASTER69 August 21, 2021
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The website you're on right now, jackass.
I went to and looked up "urbandictionary" because I thought it would be clever.
by Your Dad367347543567 July 25, 2006
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A place where you can express yourself freely, under an alias which you can't truly be identified by unless you got hacked into. "Define your world" however you want; nobody can stop you. Except for the losers who think they can overrun crap here on the site. (I'm not saying any names folks, ya already know, boot em out!). If it weren't for, I would be a very angry person right now. It's like the urban, modern version of Webster's Dictionary.
by Chipmunk January 8, 2005
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A place where 12 year old kids go to search words they don't understand like fag or boner. like a cheat to socially retarded kids
billy-what does fag mean?
bob-i don't know
billy-lets go search the urbandictionary!
by abusedlemur August 15, 2010
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Why the hell would you search up the fucking name of the website. thats the STUPIDIST thing i have ever seen.
Friend: hey yo you should go to
You: okay looks like i will search the name of the website. :-|
by dontask:)668 January 25, 2022
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God's gift to people of the 21'st century.
-Dude, I don't understand a word the people on my High School says!
-Don't worry. Just check out and you will do just fine.
-Thanks man.
by ZnappHansk June 6, 2009
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a website that everyone goes to that is more addicting than crystal meth. This site is amazing.
Urbandictionary mis a very cool website yo its crunk
by LilJOnwhattt: July 29, 2005
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