(n.) A staff member at urbandictionary.com who cancels your submission before it even reaches the editors. This person is often a huge douchebag who lacks any consistency in rejections or acceptances. He will let completely lame trash pass as a definition, yet cancel a submission that breaks none of the rules and is actually useful.
Guy 1: Hey did the definition get passed, man?
Guy2: No, the urban dick cancelled it. What a submission nazi.

Guy 1: Hey, you want to go out tonight?
Guy 2: No, I have to sit at my computer and flip coins to decide which definitions I'm going to pass for the website while I masturbate.
Guy 1: Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot you were an urban dick with a really, really really small penis.
by Ryan Fitz February 27, 2006
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An ‘Urban Dick’ is someone who rejects your definition on urbandictionary.com | their usually miserable and inconsiderate about your definition even though you’ve worked hard on it. Still not enough information? Well then, here’s an example.
Urban Dick is a worker at urbandictionary.com that jerks off to hentai and simps for people like BelleDelphine
Carole: *calls jack*
Also Carole: what’s up jack?
Jack: nothing much, just on the old urbban dicktionary
Carole: I wrote a definition for pussy on there, can you submit and publish it because you work there?
Jack: ...
Also Jack: *hangs up*
by inf_rnal June 28, 2020
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An Urban Dictionary user that ruins the quality of the website. Instead of actually defining words, they just rant insulting, offensive, nonsensical garbage. Also, an Urban Pussy.
see Psycho Bitch,
Freak Obscene,
Peachy Keen,
SonyRoolz, (#1)
*Wonderboy Marvel*
Diego (#2)
by G-Union June 23, 2004
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someone who thinks they're cool because they put words they made up on the urban dictionary
urban dick: "hay guise look at this funny word i put on urban dictionary"
friends: "shut up no one cares"
friends: "lol you urban dick"
by yondagar February 25, 2011
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Urban dick: Someone who feels the need to explain even the most basic things in full detail to show what an urban dictionary genius they are.
boybeeps: Originating from 'L Plate'; a square white sign with a red letter L on it, displayed on the back and front of a vehicle driven by a person who is learning to drive in the UK. L Plates are removed from the vehicle once the person is a qualified driver. See l-plate
me: we know what fucking L plates are, you urban dick
by urban dick May 17, 2006
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A cock-faced, son-of-a-bitch, fucking cuntlicker at Urban Dictionary who won't let you sumbit some definitions because they are "forbidden."
Those urban dicks won't let me submit a definition for Aquemini.
by Marcus Reed September 16, 2006
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A particular variety of spidiot who insists on submitting offensive, mis-spelled, innacurate or obscenity-riddled entries to UrbanDictionary.com under the false impression that this somehow makes them funny.
"There are far too many urban dicks around this site."
by Samuel Wilkinson April 10, 2004
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