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1: Plate attached to car being driven by learner driver.
2: Joint made with 2 sheets of paper shaped as an "L".
1: Hes still on his L plates
2: Roll us an L plate
by oracle February 05, 2004
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A method of constructing a spliff by the means of joining two rizla's to form the shape of an 'L'.
How to roll an L plate (On the left): -

1. Take two king sized rizla's (Blue/Silver).
2. With the glue at the top of the 1st rizla, cut a triangle off the right hand end, 1cm from the right at the bottom to the top right hand corner.
3. Attatch the bottom half of the 2nd rizla with the glue on the left hand side to the diagonal edge of the 1st rizla.
4. Cut the second rizla so the bottom edge of the 1st rizla continues along the entire length (Same shape from step 2).
5. Fold the L plate in half length ways, so the crease in the 1st rizla continues along the entire length.
6. Fold the top right hand corner of the 2nd rizla down to form a 45' triangle. Cut this triangle off.
7. Fill as you desire :)
by James Scott December 30, 2005
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L-plates are square signs with a red "L" at the center. They are placed on cars in Britain to show that the person driving is inexperienced (the "L" is short for "learner"). People also jokingly attach these signs to their clothing before they get married, to show that they are beginners in marriage
Yesterday I got my driver's license but I'm not a good driver. Can't you see my L-plate on my car?

Just the fact that I don't blame myself I'll wear a L-plate on my suit so the people know that I'm inexperienced.
by AndyR February 22, 2005
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