A rad slang term for the urban dictionary.

A general term the sexual desires of young men living in the city.
He was a scholar, nearly memorizing every term and phrase written in the urban dick.

The rural farm people would sacrifice a newborn calf every autumn, hoping to spare their daughters from the lustful pull of the urban dick.
by Dongbat June 13, 2017
(n.) A staff member at urbandictionary.com who cancels your submission before it even reaches the editors. This person is often a huge douchebag who lacks any consistency in rejections or acceptances. He will let completely lame trash pass as a definition, yet cancel a submission that breaks none of the rules and is actually useful.
Guy 1: Hey did the definition get passed, man?
Guy2: No, the urban dick cancelled it. What a submission nazi.

Guy 1: Hey, you want to go out tonight?
Guy 2: No, I have to sit at my computer and flip coins to decide which definitions I'm going to pass for the website while I masturbate.
Guy 1: Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot you were an urban dick with a really, really really small penis.
by Ryan Fitz February 27, 2006
An ‘Urban Dick’ is someone who rejects your definition on urbandictionary.com | their usually miserable and inconsiderate about your definition even though you’ve worked hard on it. Still not enough information? Well then, here’s an example.
Urban Dick is a worker at urbandictionary.com that jerks off to hentai and simps for people like BelleDelphine
Carole: *calls jack*
Also Carole: what’s up jack?
Jack: nothing much, just on the old urbban dicktionary
Carole: I wrote a definition for pussy on there, can you submit and publish it because you work there?
Jack: ...
Also Jack: *hangs up*
by inf_rnal June 28, 2020
A: The editors who don't choose your awesome definitions for Word of the Day.

B: Authors who have had their definition featured on Word of the Day but have sucky def.'s that get more thumbs down than thumbs up.
A: Come on bro, Making Al Gore Angry is the best definition yet! Dumb Urban Dicks making me unhappy.

B: movember, cocktail weenie, bullshine, different hats, call the roll, microvisit, anuscript, NIB, and especially burning envy are all from Urban Dicks
by Beanstalker November 5, 2009
One who uses Urban Dictionary to rant about there ideals.

One who has to project their ideas on to everybody in any way possible.
Don't look up any political figures on Urban Dictionary, or you'll just get definitions by Urban Dicks.
by Mcwilliams;) February 8, 2010
People who invent new words and definitions for those words, for the sole purpose of posting them to Urban Dictionary.
The majority of the words on Urban Dictionary are the products of "Urban Dicks".
by cheezwiz123 April 13, 2011
A "peer editor" sitting at his computer who refuses to publish a witty and relevant definition onto Urban Dictionary despite the fact that when the word is used by its author on a daily basis, it is well received and appreciated.
That urban dick refused to publish my kick ass definition on Urban Dictionary again!
by Nictionary April 17, 2015