To say that someone is up shit creek is to imply that he or she or it is in real jam.
I didn't study for my final exam; I'm up shit creek.
by Cranberry Bob January 13, 2020
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To be in deep trouble with no solution.
(It's actually "Up shit creek without a paddle" --- scans better than "with no paddle."
There he was with two nickel bags and the narcs at the door. He knew he was up shit creek without a paddle.
by M. Bridger October 30, 2003
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To be in a bad situation which is either slowly or rapidly getting worse with no evident way out. Should you be armed with a paddle, you still, typically, have a slow long recovery

see shitty
As soon as the principal saw the smirnoff bottle in my hand, I knew that I was "up shit creek"
by chris unger April 22, 2004
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To be in an undesirable place, or to be in trouble. A contraction of "Up shit creek without a paddle." It can be made to define even more extreme circumstances by adding the suffix "with the repo men on the shore waiting for the boat"
"I was up Shit Creek without a paddle, and the repo men were waiting on the shore for the boat."
by Syndustry August 1, 2005
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1) To be in deep trouble with no solution, also called 'up shit creek with no paddle'
2) To be up to your arms in a flowing river of faeces and mucus.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 18, 2003
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Term describing being caught in the act of anal sex with same sex partner
They caught him up shit creek in the supply tent.
by Sofa King December 17, 2005
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A term used when the odds are very much not in your favor.

Attempting to complete a difficult task that just wasn't ment to be.
Mike: Jimmy is in trouble with the feds for pirating that copy of Shrek 2. I heard he's skippin' town.
Andrew: Really? He's way Up shit creek if that's true!
by SirLavish April 23, 2020
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