To prepare for a fight (get gear, practice, etc.) then knock motherfuckers out
"Aye, new jack! You better stock up and square up if you really gon' fight Lil B."
by FreshMoneyTheRhyme March 13, 2015
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So when your girl is supposed to come over and she cancels plans, she’s gotta hoe up and send nudes
)You)Hey Trisha are u still coming over, (Trisha) sorry I can’t I’m going to my grandpas house to pick applesauce

(You) show up or hoe up bihhh
by Joe Semens July 07, 2018
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Great EP released in 2006 by pop/punk band, All Time Low. The EP consists of the songs Coffee Shop Soundtrack, Break Out! Break Out!, The Girls a Straight Up Hustler, Jasey Rae, The Party Scene, Running from Lions, and Lullabies. It's a great EP.
by tonictwig July 12, 2008
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All Time Low EP released in 2006. 5 of the 7 songs were rerecorded versions of songs off the previous album, The Party Scene, and featuring two new songs. Pure awesomeness.
Person 1: I just went to the store and bought Put Up Or Shut Up!
Person 2: That album was amazing.
by Fire At My Fingertips September 03, 2010
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Adjective. Jeed Up (or G'd Up) comes from the reference to G.I. Joe. To say someone is jeed up would mean that they are loaded up with a bunch of gear, such as G.I. Joe. The gear would be for example, guns, flashlights, handcuffs, mace, tazer, etc.
Look at him, comin' in here all Jeed Up, he must think he's cool or somethin'.
by Gary & Samaria July 21, 2004
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To have shaved, bathed, used a deodorant, and have put on clean/pressed clothes.
I was greased up and creased up by 6, ready to go to the club.
by Dashing D6 June 08, 2011
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