when you walk into any house party, and you can clearly tell you will have a good time due to the volume of people and beer, you walk into the party scene.
(taken from All Time Lows song, The Party Scene)
Jack and Jill walk into a house party

Jill says "holy shit theirs a lot of people in this bitch, and like 6 kegs"

Jack replies "This is the party scene, I'm getting laid tonight"
by gimmesumbehrs August 9, 2009
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Hoeskees,Walking STDS,Unfaithfull people, Cant TRUST any. Burned out. Dirty Fees, Followers, Fake ass niggas, full of Little kids
Dam That hoeskee must be in the 818 party scene
by valleyyyniggaaa March 6, 2011
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