This is basically someone that you know will say go with you to prom if you ask them. This has to be a person that you can relatively stand for a full night, or else can stand to stand next while taking pictures and then ditch him/her for the rest of the night and hang out with that person that you actually wanted to come with. This has to be a person that you know no one else will want to ask, so they are definately available.
Steve is my back-up, back-up prom date, so I know that I am guaranteed to be going with someone.
by carolinimartini February 19, 2006
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essentially a wake and bake. Wake up, get up (smoke week) and away with your day.
"Hey dude, whats wrong with your eyes?"
"I had an up up and away kinda morning"
by drewfer September 16, 2009
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A phrase used while intoxicated during an argument. You have taken an opposition stance to a point being made in conversation but due to being rat arse drunk you cannont convey your viewpoint coherently
"I feel Huey Lewis is a very under rated talent in contemporary music"

"Ummm Up fuck your fuck up up"
by SteveDave May 09, 2003
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A term used when a young white male in his lower teenage years tells his dog to up-up, or jump/climb on a bed/etc while on the phone with a friend. An "up-up" is considered blackalicious if the friend on the phone and the young male have some sort of "inside joke," or joke between the two of them, and then on the friend's speed-dial of their phone they put the young male as "Blackalicious Up-up"
Young white male:Up-up {dog}!
friend: Up-up what the f*** is that?
y.w.m.: Up-up! Im telling my dog to jump up!
friend: Oh ok what's you number.
y.w.m.: {tells number}.
friend: OK I'm putting you in my speed dial as "blackalicious up-up".
by Mike & Amanda June 27, 2006
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Basically, time to do what needs to be done or accept the undesirable result of where you are headed.
I've been cruising through life for too long. Now its time to either put up or shut up.
by Gravy Spank May 02, 2009
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Either walk your talk and prove your worth or toughness, or keep your pie hole shut and get the hell outta town.
Keep running your mouth...either rise to the occasion and let me thrash your ass when I grab that stack of dimes you call a neck, or refrain from further trash talk. Take your pick!!
by weave March 24, 2003
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