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Something you're not doing
People are socializing with other people of their age group.
by Trash79 December 29, 2017
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Being forced and kicked out into the cold, cruel world of humans, isolated from your precious self and having nothing to do but interact with the monsters nearby you. And then when you're not being exposed to this torture, everyone just thinks you're a sociopath or something.
"At the mum party, Bob was forced to be socializing with other mother's opressed children"
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Something you probably do if you dont spend all your time on a website like

If YoU sPeNd AlL yOuR tImE oN tHe InTeRnEt YoU pRoBaBlY dOn'T dO tHiS vErY oFtEn
Socializing Is What People With Actual Social Lives Do
by Hen-Ry August 22, 2014
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