10 definitions by El Wappo.

A person who is completely incapable of doing anything right. A complete fuck up.
That fuck face joe biden is plain damn dumb.
by El Wappo. January 31, 2021
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A random dick bag that tries to sound like a genius in comment sections, but clearly knows nothing about the subject. Similar to an armchair quarterback.
My latest YouTube video has a comment hero, trying to stir up some shit.
by El Wappo. May 22, 2020
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A girl that is an 8, or high hot, but a 9 or 10 crazy. She will fuck your brains out, then vandalize your car.
I took a crazy 8 home last night. Now I need a new car.
by El Wappo. May 15, 2020
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Sex with three total people, in which two of the people are male, and one is female.
Megan had a devil’s threeway with Kyle, and Drew last night. What a freak!
by El Wappo. June 14, 2019
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That guy who goes to strip clubs, because no other woman on earth will even make eye contact with him. Even the money hungry strippers won’t talk to him, because he’s so weird. He gets thrown out every time he goes in for grabbing girls tits, while they are on stage. Then he acts shocked when bouncers tell him he can’t do that.
Bouncer: The strip club creep is here ladies. Be careful.

Stripper: can you just throw him out now, before he tries to rip my nipples off again?
by El Wappo. May 21, 2020
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An individual on quarantine that stays drunk 24/7, to get through the retard restrictions from corona.
I’m so bored at home, I have become a quarantine alcoholic.
by El Wappo. May 19, 2020
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