when someone films themselves opening up a product and then posts the video online, like on youtube. common themes in an unboxing video is to not show the person's face, to use an obligatory big ass knife, and to express some sort of satisfactory grunt when the product emerges from the package.
youtuber: check it out, here i will unbox a video game.
comment 1: wow. someone unboxing a video game.
comment 2: nice knife
comment 3: can you post a review?
comment 4: awesome unboxing
by drunkenbeatnik November 20, 2009
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The Internet trend of showing photos or video from the unpacking of a retail box of some desirable product, such as the latest laptop or portable music player.
Did you see the unboxing of the new super-thin laptop?
by 2GooD February 1, 2008
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A nerd's version of peeling off a girl's panties for the first time.
Poor Billy nearly jizzed his pants on live camera while unboxing his new phone!
by CSSO August 20, 2009
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-Eliminating your chances of ever touching a female by reviewing cheap consumer crap on youtube.

-Posting online as an expert on items that have no lasting value whilst serving as a distraction, to you alone, as you get no tail.
-A process by which nature protects us from the potential offspring of droves of amusingly self important web personalities and pseudo experts.
Wow, nice unboxing. You just c-blocked yourself for a good year. Next time, try reviewing a fleshlight. It will come in handy.
by wh1dee February 12, 2010
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when you smoke weed in an enclosed area like a car or small room with the cracks in the door plugged the smoke gets trapped in and you continue to breath in the smoke its called hot boxing, unboxing is opening the door and letting the smoke out
blunts kicked? time to unbox!
unboxing can wait. i wanna get higher.
by stoner131 January 24, 2012
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A big YouTuber who unboxes things and checks out technology for a living, then banks off of it from the views he gets.
Person 2: Who the hell is that?.... Ooooh my friend told me about him. I heard he's overrated.
Person 1: Nah bro that's PewDiePie that's overrated.
Person 2: Oh yeah. Thanks Jo.
by latrelljennings July 7, 2017
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Idubbz opening packages with big dicks inside
Faggot 1: yo did you watch bad unboxing last night
Faggot 2: naw I was too busy getting my holes resized
by THEBIGSEX November 23, 2021
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