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-Eliminating your chances of ever touching a female by reviewing cheap consumer crap on youtube.

-Posting online as an expert on items that have no lasting value whilst serving as a distraction, to you alone, as you get no tail.
-A process by which nature protects us from the potential offspring of droves of amusingly self important web personalities and pseudo experts.
Wow, nice unboxing. You just c-blocked yourself for a good year. Next time, try reviewing a fleshlight. It will come in handy.
by wh1dee February 12, 2010

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1. A woman with a large and lovely chest can be said to be chest hung, or well chest-hung.
2. A 2 pup litter of healthy chest puppies equals a well chest-hung woman.
3. A lovely gal with large bewbs, you dolt!! She is chest hung, goddamit, this ain't even funny anymore.
In a conversation:
Snotty Gal: Echh, Deborah has huge tetz!
Some guy: Yep, Debs is mad chest hung.
Snotty Gal: Echh!
by wh1dee June 07, 2011

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