I'm going to fix that problem.

response-good answer!
by Jerry Lenihan July 18, 2003
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feedback by fellow Family Feud teammates for their teammate's answer to a survey question
Host: Name a very popular United States president that has support from the entire country.
Contestant: Dwight Eisenhower
Contestant's teammates: good answer
by ec4u2c_studioz November 28, 2021
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A natural "take-off" of the classic "no news" proverb, this saying refers to when you receive no response to a potentially-controversial or "explosive" message that you had trepidatiously sent to an individual or business/government establishment sometime earlier; the idea here is that if your missive's recipient actually was able to "swallow" or "digest" your message's content without "going ballistic" and hot-headedly sending either a seethingly-angry response or the cops your way, then this indicates that the ultra-careful/tactful word-choices that you'd employed when originally composing your message must have paid off --- the recipient's very lack of any response is actually a response in itself, in that he is indicating to you that your message did not excessively upset him.
In today's heatedly-temperish and highly-emotionally-charged business/social world, merely not stressing out someone with a somewhat-unusual/unorthodox statement/request is a major and "worthy" achievement that puts you "ahead of the curve" just by itself, and so you should count your lucky stars and give yourself a pat on the back for good English-communication skills if you actually receive a merely "neutral" reaction when sending someone a potentially-upsetting message --- no answer is good answer, I always say.
by QuacksO February 12, 2019
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