jenny shin's adjective..can be used to describe the lghs class of 2008!!!
Jenny shin, that dome was... ULTI!!!
"Did you catch the game last night?" "oh yeah it was pretty ulti."
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barf, vomit, puke, throw-up
Since I ate to much, I think I might ulti.
by El_Scorcho August 25, 2003
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1. a word to describe something but in a very big or large way 2. short for ultimate
1. Thats an ulti- neck for Stewart.
2. That was an elti-act by Lindsey.
by Pourya Zandi December 12, 2005
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Another word for vomit/sick. Commonly used amongst young asian teenagers as a slang alternative for vomit. Can also be used to describe a bad smell.
Example 1;
Boy and Girl walk into clothes shop;
Boy: 'Geez, it smells like ulti in here'
Girl: 'Yuk, thats a disgusting smell'

Example 2;
Son: 'Dad, pull over, I feel sick, I think i'm going to throw up'
Dad: 'Oh no, please don't do ulti in my car'
by Dubra-boy November 29, 2010
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1) A combination of two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet...ever. Their sense of charm, good looks and love for life will WOW anyone that crosses their path. They love using weird acronyms, talking to strangers and listening to Audra Lynn. They also enjoy getting drunk in the Holy Spirit. Truman Corners and Grandview MO are their stomping grounds.

2) Ingredients; One unusually short friend, one tall obnoxious chick.

3) Their occupations are running a prayer line for Michael international.

4) ULTIS' never take no for an answer. Eat spicy pickles and watch some Hoarders!

Communication that heals your inner man.

by Natalie Zinn December 19, 2011
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itz the shortform of word ultimate, used by teenagers, to xpress that somethin's 2 cool
What an ulti car
by Aj sucker February 12, 2009
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