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(n). The euphoric feeling one feels when slipping on a pair of corduroy pants. Heart rate increases, while happiness increases.
Guy 1: "This morning when I put on my corduroys i was left breathless for a few seconds during a corduroygasm. Now I'm in such a good mood."

Guy 2: "Damn, I gotta get myself some corduroys!"
by pringlekid March 31, 2010

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To give "lobe" is to suck someone's ear, and lick all around it. Most of the time it is performed until the ear turns red.
Guy one: "Yo, guess who got lobe last night?!"
Guy two: "No you didn't! You're the man dude! How'd it feel?"
Guy one: "Amazing, two licks and you'll cum."
by pringlekid April 10, 2010

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A very short, wide penis, resembling the shape of a pancake.
Girl 1: He pulled down his pants, and all I saw was a pancake, I just wanted to cover it in syrup and run away."

Girl 2: "You should have when you had the chance, pancake choads are a menace to society."
by pringlekid April 01, 2010

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A scrambled word for Butt sex. Usually used as a code word when the user of the word doesn't want some people in the room to know what he/she is talking about. Very effective when talking in front of parents or siblings.
Girlfriend: So what you wana do tonight?
Boyfriend: How bout suttbex?
Mother: What?
Boyfriend: We'r gona go to the movies.
Mother: ok..
by pringlekid April 13, 2010

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The act of cracking two eggs and dumping the yoke on to a woman's vagina, then eating it out.
Guy 1: So the other day I had a Ukranian Breakfast...
Guy 2: No way! I heard those are the shit!
by pringlekid March 29, 2010

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Used when describing an amount between five and fifteen.
He only sang about fiveteen songs at the concert.
by pringlekid June 12, 2010

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A derogatory term for caucasians. Exactly the same as Negro or Nigger, for a person of African descent. White people are only allowed to use it, just as black people are the only ones who can say 'Nigger.' It's only fair.
White Guy one: "Sup blanco, how was that movie with Ron Jeremy?"

White Guy two: "Fuck Ron Jeremy, that blanco's got the biggest dick out of all the blancos"
by pringlekid April 10, 2010

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