A weak negation--no; not really; nope.
Not as strong as "nuh-uh".
Do you want to go to the concert?
by butterboy November 28, 2006
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The dialect of ebonics that is used primarily by emotional African-American women.
Woman; disgusted "Uh-uh, did you see that?"

Woman: offensively "Uh-uh, oh no she didn't!"
by Spencer 'Sgt Pyroman' M. January 25, 2009
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A way of describing "getting action" from a girl.
"Can I get a little uh-uh"
by Kevin January 18, 2004
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noun. female sexual organs. as opposed to uh-huh, or male sexual organs.
elderly people may refer to a girl's private parts as her uh-uh, because she lacks a penis/testicles.
Don't forget to wash your uh-uh, Suzie! -Grandma
by bouboros August 27, 2006
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when someone has sex and moans and makes sounds like uh uh uh
mike: i fucked Layla last night and she did the uh uh uh
Xavier: wow i wanna fuck her now! lets all have a three some and fuck each other
mike: great idea
by bbGIRL September 8, 2020
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another form of the sarcastic phrase "uh okay buddy" typically used when not believing someone and sarcastically saying "okay" obviously used in a Respectful way though
Dude1: change your gitch man there rank

Dude2: uh uh uh okay
by Nico_Cloud✞ January 17, 2022
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