A program made to detect cheaters and people using unfair advantages in video-games.

There are server-sided anticheats (the one installed on the game server) and client-sided ones (the ones installed in your own computer).
Meow best anti-cheat.
by jasperls February 24, 2020
valve anti chaet (VAC) is shit antihack
valve anti cheat is shit
by Embert Memesworth November 21, 2016
Valve Anti-Cheat or VAC for short was initially realeased in 2002 for Counter-Strike and is standard for all multiplayer GOLDSrc and Source 1 games. Currently Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the only Source game with an updated version of VAC, using VACnet.
Cheater left the game (VAC banned from secure servers)
(*DEAD*) Player: That guy was an asshole lmao. Good job Valve Anti-Cheat!
by Certified Redditior April 19, 2021
The 3 least likely things to come out anytime soon...
Jack Spank9049: Man, I am really getting bored of Windows Vista, GTA 2 (Sega Dreamcast) and Fortnite kids on Warzone, I'll wonder when Windows 11, GTA 6 and Warzone Anti-Cheat will come out?
by Jack Spank9049 June 3, 2021