"Apparently my spell check isn't picking up on my mistakes, it's just so origional"
by Martyofthepeploevariety August 13, 2007
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Hong Kong knock-off of 'original'.
"That Corwin was an origional!"
by Koerwin November 30, 2004
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what i am by being by admitting that am not the only one awake at 2 am looking at all these stupid definitions and looking at the spelling of definitions on the top of the screen even though im 17,while listening to nirvina,and haveing an extreme meaningful feeling of existance and for the first time in life for a long time true happieness and expressing it on the internet early in the mournig because im here.
"i am that i am and thats all that i am""all we know is all we are""i dont think anyone will reed this and nobody will vote for this one""i love my girlfriend""quick,hop' like a bunny""i belive in yesterday""2 joints in the mournig 2 at night 2 in the afternoon it makes me feel alright""You can never think whats it matter ohh yeah drugs"i am my own virus"
by ty February 14, 2004
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not copied or imitated; new; fresh.
avril lavigne is so NOT origional!
by vince May 3, 2003
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