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Spanish: translates directly to english as "golden whore".
The nickname of a blonde spanish noble-lady during the napoleonic wars, who slept with the french officers in order to attain information for the english army.
used by me to describe "tubby" (a mate of mine. Don't worry, i'm not trying to be mean, that really is his nickname. tubby, i mean), who is blonde and a homophobic, so calling him a manwhore has great effect, insult-wise.
"heeeey, kids, its La Puta Dorada"
by ocellot December 11, 2004

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-prefix whichcan be fixed on to almost any word to suggest that u are referring to a greater form of the object/person/position etc. which the origional word referrs to
-word used to describe something as superior
-he is uberlord!!
-i have an ubercar.

-my car is so uber compared to urs
-thats just uber!!
by ocellot December 11, 2004

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Alternative to the word "shoot".
Thought up in the immature, highly illogical and slightly delerious minds of Betts and Butler: Scourges of the Night, while spit-balling anything and everything during a particularly boring year-nine physics lesson.
(Well, not SPIT-balling.We didn't actually chew the paper. we're not that pikey. We just rolled it up.)
shoost him, shoost him swiftly, and with utmost accuracy!!
by ocellot December 11, 2004

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