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When something is being sold at 2 items for a price, it is referred to as a "two-fer".
"Buy the baked chips, but if they have a two-fer you can get the ones you like also."
by nicole w July 09, 2007
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Harry S. is a twofer dayer.

Oh. The deal is a twofer. Buy one, get one free.
by David F. September 11, 2003
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when you get two things for the effort, price, time, or space of one
1. Hey, I can use this room as an entertainment room and a guest room--it's a twofer!

2. AP classes are twofers in that they count for high school and college.
by sillyphillygirl August 25, 2008
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When buying marijuana a twofer is a deal buying two grams for thirty dollars.
Customer: Hey! can you hook it up with a twofer?

Seller: For sure that will be thirty bucks.
by denim420 January 13, 2010
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A Catholic that only goes to mass on Easter and Christmas. Usually an annoyance to those who go every sunday.
-"We should leave for Christmas mass early."
-"Becuase all the damn twofers are going to take up the seats!"
by superrandomperson February 12, 2011
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A way of Gaining 2 things for the price of 1.
i got the head in one hand, the body in the other, so im thinking two-fer two-fer! So i take the head, stick it right up my ass, the snakes are goin crazy, i take the body, turn it around stick my wammy right up the ass. then the body starts shakin. instant orgasm 2 for 1.
by Matt "Kratos" Hoffman August 22, 2006
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back to back blowjobs without ever releasing the penis from the mouth. can only successfully be performed by people with the skill to gently coddle the penis back into a repeat performance as it is very sensitive in the moments immediately following the initial blowjob
in an effort to please her Homer, Marge decided to give him a twofer. first she gave him a screaming blowjob which started with some salad tossing and ball suckling. Once he had cum, with out ever releasing his penis, she gently tongued his very tender and sensitive penis in a soothing manner and eventually it responded to her oral stimulation which she continued in increasing intensity

until she brought him to yet another screaming climax.
by imnothomer January 09, 2010
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