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A dump so enormous that one must flush the toilet twice to get it all down.
Excuse me folks but I must hit the can. This could be a two flusher!
by Larryfun September 10, 2005
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a piece of log so humungous and/or rigid that, after the deed, the defecator would need to flush the toilet twice to completely banish the sucker. Sometimes it requires the assistance of the defecator to break the shat up manuel with near-by objects, e.g. toilet brush, scissors, toothbrush (of one's partner), etc.
dang, still here?
later, sucker

"I had a two-flusher this morning mom!"
"That's what you get for not eating your vegetables love"
by jajambo February 05, 2004
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(n.)A crap so massive that is takes to flushes in order to not clog the toilet.
"Man, I had to go to the bathroom so bad. That was a twoflusher."
by E November 20, 2004
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When you have to flush a shit twice to get it to go down
I just took the most insane two flusher man

Oh really? One time I had to take a 3 flusher!
by Highdefkitten June 17, 2017
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