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an insult-often used between siblings as a term of affection.
hey twip mom wants you to haul ass and get your laundry downstairs
by pyke August 08, 2004
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someone with a strangely shaped head or who says really dumb things.
"you're a real pathetic twip" or "haha look at the twip"
by miss lucifer/roccondil November 02, 2003
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one who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles
If you ever come across a person that deserves this branding, you have bigger problems than I do coming up with a sentence.
by Scotto May 22, 2003
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When referring to any two out of three triplets as a single unit.
Stacey, Erika and Rocky, the triplets , are all invited to Jamie's party. Rocky can't attend , but the twips (Stacey and Erika) are able to.

"Hey , are the triplets coming tonight?"
"Nah bruh , just twips tonight , Stacey and Erika"
by Stocky Noyles July 27, 2018
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