A book written by Stephanie Meyer.

The majority of the book is dialogue and lacks any use of literary devices and/or elements that truly make a story. With little to no description and two-dimensional characters that are the very definitions of "Mary-sue" and "Gary-stu," this story belongs on fanfiction.net, not in bookstores.

She can't go five minutes without talking about how gorgeous Edward is, and it's clear she's living out some sick, fangirl fantasy and getting money off of it.

It's popularity is only based on the fact that Edward Cullen is supposedly "godly" and the sexiest man alive. He's fictional and practically grey colored. Get over it.

Bella is stupid. She's whiney and clingy, like most Mary-sues. Edward is has no personality. He needs to just bite the stupid girl already and get on with his sparkly-suicidal-vampire life.

Love stories are great, this however, is garbage. The way they fall in love is stupid and shallow and based on looks and lust alone. What kind of message is that?

It's trash. Pure trash.

Please, go take an AP Lit class or pick up a novel by Austen or Hurston and you'll understand...or maybe you won't, Twilight Fans tend to be lacking in brain cells.
Nonfan: I don't think vampires are supposed to sparkle though....
Nonfan: ...And the book lacks any form or real character development...
Nonfan: Uh...I think I'm going to go call 911...
by cha121 July 24, 2008
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Verb: as in to Twilight

To take something established or classic and dumb it down for a large and more often than not young audience.

The most famous example of this is the book series Twilight which took vampires and injected it with so much teenage drama and cliches that it eclipses the established awesomeness of vampires.
"Did you see the movie adaption of the book?"

"Ya, they totally Twilighted it."
by nicktendo64 June 25, 2009
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A popular book about True Love and 'vegetarian'Vampires by Stephanie Meyer. It is commonly agreed as lacking any literary skill, from prose to characters to plot. This does not stop girls the world over (and according to statistics that may be lies, a lesser amount of boys) from liking it.

Like all popular things the loudest fans are the most annoying ones (in this case girls demanding the world over recognize Edward Cullen as hotness) and sadly make the rest of the fans who'd like to just enjoy a bad book (much like people enjoy Jerry Springer) look like raving psychos by association.

Twilight managed to fill the void of Harry Potter for a short amount of time (much to the anger of Harry Potter fans and as so says the literary bible, 'lo, there was much bitching'). Now the literary world is left wondering what next will catch the eye of teens the world over and become so popular that even those who like to claim illiteracy to get out of responsiblity towards school, spelling or grammar will read it on the sly when no one's looking.

Studies have been made investigating the idea of Twilight as a parable of Mormon faith (the religion of the author). Stephanie Meyers claims this is not so, but studies find otherwise. If you're wondering why Edward is a cocktease to Bella, it is because he's secretly Mormon--ignore the fact he's connected to Vampires who live in the Vatican. The fact those Vampires are the Evil Vampires may or may not be an attack on Christianity. Meyers says this is not so.

She also says there were not enough sparkles on the Vampires in the 2008 movie of the first novel.
Consumer: Do you have Twilight by Stephanie Meyers? I hear it is a read of many lols.

Book Store Clerk: I'm afraid due to the publishers being on crack they didn't think there'd be a holiday rush--I can offer it to you in Spanish?

Consumer: I am enraged over this. My teenage daughter needs this Twilight book for Christmas. You've done this just to spite me; I will never shop at this store again.
by daltypalty December 11, 2008
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The first in a series of four books that are written horribly, are extremley repetitive in terms of adjectives and contains vampires that sparkle in the sun. About 45% of the pages in all 4 books combined are spent describing Edward Cullens 'cold, hard skin' and his "smoldering eyes". oh, and how his 'cold hard skin' *sparkles* in the sunlight. Did i mention its also extremley repetitive?

The main character is Bella Swan who is a stupid whore who depends totally on her trophy boyfriend to protect her from other vampires who want to do everyone a favour and kill her. (which is a shame they dont because shes so annoying)
Random Person: I read the first chapter of Twilight and lost approximatley 20% of my brain cells. The effects were especially noticable in todays math class
by SOME RETARD March 23, 2009
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A book which is part of a series so horrible it could kill chuck norris.
Twilight Fan: Omgomg twilight rox!!! -starts reading it outloud-

Chuck Norris: aiiiii i'm dying! what the fuck is this bullshit?!!!
by linesoncars September 06, 2009
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A book written by Stephanie Meyer that has attracted and brainwashed millions of Girls (And Moms!).

There are 4 types of people that like Twilight:

Sane Fans: These people are very rare. They take opinions, they dont get butthurt when you state that it is not as good. These people are very nice, and they wont attack you just over a book. Rarely they state they want to marry the main chars.

Fangirls: A tad bit more common than humane fans, most cant take opinions, all of them think Edward is "hot" but most of them will give you harm, but not too much. The things they do range from to a slap on the wrist to a book whack.

Twitards/Twimoms: Very common. They attack anyone who has a different opinion than their own. Attacks range from a pushing down stairs to a baseball bat beating.

Twihards: VERY VERY common. They want to marry Edward. They think Vampires are real and hate sunlight. They think vampires sparkle. They troll internet forums to spread the word of their holy book.
They are fucking annoying. Attacks range from a harmless punch to a fatal murder.

Facts about twilight:

Vampires sparkle
Vampires are real.
Vampires are frendly
Bella is a whiny bitch.
Stick with the sanes, not the hards and you will be safe.
Soon, free speech will reign over twilight!
by Random Shyguy July 04, 2009
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A book series written by Stephenie Meyer that's captured that heart of gazillions of teenaged girls around the world. It's centered around the romance between Isabella Swan (Bella), the awkward new girl in school, and Edward Cullen, a gorgeous vampire she meets. Although the book is pretty addicting, it has to be the worse book i've ever read in terms of originality, clichés, plot, and writing.

Cliché #1:
The new girl in school who is awkward and clumsy and terrible at everything. How many times have we seen and read this?

Cliché #2:
The new girl falling in love with the hottest guy in school (Edward). No one saw that coming.

Cliché #3:
Despite the new girl's awkwardness and plain looks, the hottest guy in school falls in love with her. The epitome of originality, am I right? *sarcasm*

Cliché #4:
The new girl is hopelessly in love with the hottest guy in school to the point where you want to slap her because she'll do literally everything and anything the hottest guy in school will tell her to do just for him.

Cliché #5:
The vampire (who is the hottest guy in school), despite his love for the new girl, thirsts for her blood and struggles to control his bloodlust. Wow.

Cliché #6:
The vampire is a good vampire who doesn't want to hurt humans, so he feeds off of animals instead. *cough* Louis from Interview with the Vampire *cough*

Cliché #7:
The vampire thinks he's a monster and that the new girl should stay away from him if she values her life, but of course the new girl risks her life to be with him.

Cliché #8:
The new girl would rather die than not be with the vampire, which is the stupidest thing anyone on this Earth can ever say. Yes, I understand she's madly and hopelessly and stupidly in love with him, but you only get one life. She isn't even considerate of the family members she would leave behind who would mourn her death.

There is no plot to the story. It's just a bunch of events that happens between Bella and Edward.

The writing in the beginning is so plain, and even though it does get better, it's still not good.

There's no figuritive language and not much description. The only thing the author seems to describe is Edward's appearence. Every other freaking sentence is talking about this muscular arms or smile or face or eyes or hair. It's like she created this book to produce a bazillion teenaged fangirls who are obsessed with Edward and don't care about the rest of the story. There really is nothing original about this book. Nothing that the author has come up with on her own.

It's pretty much your cliche vampire romance novel.

Despite all this, I still love it because it's addicting, but terrible.

"OMG! Twiligh is the best book in the world! I absolutly heart Edward! He's totally mine!"

"No! He's mine! I read the book first! So he's mine first!"

"We'll split him in half and share him!"

"Wow....if you think Twilight is the best book in the world...then, seriously, no comment."
by samaRAWR December 07, 2007
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