Twenty one inch diameter wheels or rims, on luxury cars.
I got twenty ones rubbing on my Benz.
by Jack December 28, 2004
When you can drink legally. Although it’s reported that 70% of people drink before this.
“I just turned twenty one today so I’m allowed to drink
by juliette00 June 22, 2022
A newly 21 year old who is still classified as a young-in
The Twenty-one-in had just turned 21 and wanted to start drinking.
by Meekie :) September 24, 2017
for those who cry on the inside but dance on the outside
"did you hear that new twenty one pilots song?"
"yeah I cried, I mean danced to it last nite"
by kyl0R3n May 31, 2016
The best band ever that was on hiatus for about a year. But they are back now with a new album Trench.
Twenty one pilots is the best band ever ||-//
by Janyse October 12, 2018
Two guys from central Ohio, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, that make some of the most amazing music that will ever grace your ear drums. They don't want to be heard, they want to be listened to. If you're looking for a crazy, high evolvement concert with plenty of sweat to go around and crowd surfing galore, by all means, go to their next show!

From their website:
"Basically, we are all responsible for the preservation of our personal joy; but happiness is different. Joy is not circumstantial, happiness is. You can be depressed and still have joy. You can be suicidal and still have joy. We all stop thinking and we all stop talking and we all stop sharing and we all stop creating, because by doing any of these things we quickly find out just how unhappy we are. But that's ok. That's normal. Don't let the fear of unhappiness cripple your pursuit of finding what it is you believe. Since joy is found in belief, we all have to push through unhappiness to find joy. Basically."

Check them out at
Human #1: Did you guys go to the Twenty One Pilots Show on November 19, 2011?

Human #3: My shirt is still wet from everyones sweat.
by SarahTurvy November 20, 2011