Wannabe American, Irish narcissist, who reckons he has a God given right to preach at politicians about what's wrong with the world while hoarding his own obscene wealth where taxes can't touch him. Still peddles his bland, pompous, corporate music around the world, charging $100 a ticket so people can watch him disappear further up his own arse.
Bono is a smug, self-righteous, wanker.
by Jack1983 November 19, 2006
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The vocalist and sometimes guitarist of the Irish rock group U2
by Shadow November 04, 2004
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Unit of measurement for smugness.

The name derives from the popular Irish pop singer Bono, who himself defines the word smug.

Bonai is sometimes used instead of Bonos, however, usage of Bonai will increase your own smugness by 1 Bonos unit.

Different scales are in use, though 1-10 is the common norm.
The actual value of a top score Bonos is ever expanding as Bono reaches new levels.
Did you see George Clooney's acceptance speech at the Oscars last night? That almost broke the Bonos scale.
by Knold August 25, 2012
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Irish origin.Another word for leprechaun ,similar to dwarf but smaller.
The Bono does not like to be called small so wears 12 inch heals to hide his diminutive size.
Those oompa loompa's look like little Bono's!!!!
by greenben101 June 25, 2009
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