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A person with an inability to use twitter or is unable to tweet. This can also be used to describe a person with difficulty using social media in several varieties (Facebook, MySpace and other blogs)

Other forms of this are twittard.

Adjective - tweetarded, twittarded
I can't believe you can't use your iPhone or something to learn to use Facebook. You're such a twittard.

I can't figure out how to post pictures in my blog. I'm so tweetarded.
by Jayzie June 30, 2009
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A person who utilizes the Twitter application to communicate unintelligentβ€”often unintelligibleβ€”thoughts, proposals, threats, etc. SYNONYM: Donald Trump.
As a young boy, his mother told him that if he was willing to abandon decency and care only about himself, he too could someday become a TWEETARD and live for four years (or less) in the White House.
by Mo D July 24, 2018
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