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1) To be ignorant of twitter; to have twitter but not know how it works.

2) Someone who is aware of twitter, knows how it works, but is still in some way mentally deficient with their use of it.

3) Worthless twitter posts (a phrase which may or may not be redundant).
A: What's a tweeter?
B: It's like a messaging facebook thing. You use it to post toots.

C: Hey, I got Twitter! But it says I can only post 120 words at a time.
D: *sigh*

E: "Hello World. I am sitting on the couch.@Urbandictionary 6 minutes ago
F: "Stop being Tweetarded!!1@Twilight4Evarr 1 minute ago
by President Warren G. Harding September 10, 2009
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Someone who is totally clueless as to the social significance of twitter. A total imbecile in a situation that can be analogized as George W. Bush and an Economy. A retard when it comes to the use of twitter.
I told you you need to get a twitter account to but you're still stuck in facebook and Hi5, why do you insist on being so tweetarded!!!
by BrainStormer June 18, 2009
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