4 definitions by c.r.

to cancel an agreement.

Or more precisely, to state that you intend to do something, and then change one's mind. See also "dingy"
"I should really and sign on today, but I think I'm just going to twang it"

"She agreed to come out with us for my birthday, but then she twanged us for her sister's funeral"

"I left him a voicemail but he just twanged it. The cunt"
by c.r. November 09, 2005
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When someone unjustly uses the word "roflwaffle."
Cory: Nah, I can't play WoW today, my dad died.
Cory: Dude, that's an unlawful roflwaffle...
by c.r. March 01, 2008
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A meal which has contains herbs than spices.

Having a joint (but not beef or pork) whilst on a lunchbreak.
Right, the bosses are away, anyone fancy a dutch lunch?

"You look like you've just seen a ghost".
"Nah. I've just had a dutch lunch".
by c.r. November 27, 2007
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Brilliant, superb, top of the league, king of the gods.

Derived from the word, Jedi, which itself doesn't mean anything
This buckie is pure jed by the way.

"On the 43rd minute, Danny Invincible scored a jed goal for Killie. It was one of the jeddest goals seen all season".
by c.r. November 27, 2007
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