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Refers to a womans breast; usually used in the text of looking at them.
"Wow, look at her tutters!"
by Kid Konsept October 15, 2005
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Someone who tuts.

Typically a grumpy old person with tidy moustache who was either in the RAF, or raised by a parent who was.
They: 'It wasn't like this back in the war… tut'
You say: 'true, true'
You think, but dare not say: 'Tutter'
by little-miss can't do wrong September 13, 2011
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Warm up bread in a toaster up until just before it starts to crisp, then spread butter over it so it melts into the 'warm-toast-bread', and they become one together.
by eighteenaye October 07, 2011
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An older man who lives a simple life with reserved habits and actions. He goes to bingo and eats banana pancakes on Sundays with his wife, Martha. The Tutter's have a certain walk about them and a cute and timid voice.
"Omg! Is that your grandpa? He is such a Tutter!"

"Is that a Tutter?"

"Listen to the titter-tatter of Tutter's pitter patter."
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by Big Mama Dev May 20, 2019
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Refers to stuttering in a text.
Joe: "I said said I'm omw!"

Julius: "dude, did you just tutter?"
by CGramz June 12, 2018
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An older man usually with white hair. Quiet and reserved, and very timid. Lives the life of simplicity and enjoys activities such as bingo, playing golf, and making banana pancakes on the weekend. Tutters have a reserved and polite attitude and usually very shy.
β€œAww your grandpas such a Tutter!”

β€œRealll Tutter like”

β€œTutters Tippy Tappies though”
by Urbanwords728282 May 20, 2019
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