You my skizzle, dawg. I'm just hangin' wit my skizzles.
by Gump October 21, 2004
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When one is living in the future. When one creates an idea or concept or vision which would be accepted in 2082. When one is a revolutionary genius.

When one appears as if they are living in the future. They are beyond our time.
"Yo man, I just thought of such a sick idea"
"Oh sweet! Let me hear the skizzle"

"Ayy bro, Ian Connor is such a skizzle, his style is craaazy. I haven't seen anything like it in the game"

"Damn. I can tell already 2036 is gonna be such a skizzle"
by lil wavi February 2, 2019
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To raise the level of crunkness; to get crunk.
Eric skizzled all over us in the break room.
by P-Dope September 15, 2004
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Pretty much anything you want it to mean... a compiliment or an insult.
Youre such a skizzle
you have skizzle on youre face and you love it
by skizz1500 April 13, 2008
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skizzle (n.): A sizzling hot, skinny woman. Originally applied to a certain So Cal resident of the middle eastern persuasion.

skizzling (v): To be sizzling hot and skinny in appearance.

skizzilate (adv): To be taken advantage of by a skizzle.
1. That foo can't even focus..always thinking about his skizzle in So Cal.

2. Homie..i'm telling you..she so fly..we saw her at the tulba (engagement) that night and she was skizzling.

3. Damn..ain't that a shame..hus-dog always be getting skizzilated by c-luv.
by Husdiggidydog October 26, 2004
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A light shower of jizzle and skeet.
Today's forecast: CLoudy with a slight chance of skizzle.
by my pen is huge September 30, 2008
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piece of shit clown...often used by negroes to describe the circus
you damn skizzles get a real fucking job ... lets go homeynizzle
by shizzle June 22, 2003
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