December 24th is national kiss your gf day! Gentlemen, go kiss your girl!
Girl: “It’s December 24th! I hope he kisses me...”
by lc_s December 22, 2020
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National wear all black day to make people wonder what's wrong with you day before Christmas
Kid wears all black: ...
Parents: what's wrong, be happy tomorrow is Christmas.

And that's what should happen on December 24th
by Yeet your self December 9, 2019
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December 24th, also known as National nudes day, you must send nudes if asked.
Chrissy didn’t wanna send nudes, but it’s December 24th, so she had to!!
by December 24, 2020
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2016 and 2017 is the years of happiness. But December 24th (The Day before Christmas) is the happiest day ever (before pandemic).
I miss December 24th 2017 for real.
by codiexufxit July 3, 2021
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