A man who usually pops his collar, but is white. On rare occasions, this great man wears his shirt backwards to raise vertigo awareness. That doesn't make sense but it's okay. You can easily identify tuft man by means of his soft, tuft goatee and the habit of constantly stroking it while browsing Yu-Gi-Oh forums while putting his hand in his pants.
Me: Dude look it's tuft man!
Viktor: He's wants your D man he's moving up next to you!!
by kpally November 9, 2011
A patch or "tuft" of hair on the lower back of a woman. Can be thick or thin, but most definitely noticeable.
She was great, but her tramp tuft was a real deal breaker!
by Piss pot McDougal January 11, 2015
A tuft of hair situated in the anal area. More common in females, as males will typically exhibit an assfro. See definition: assfro.
Upon removal of the panties, he saw that she had a butt tuft, and would refrain from rear-entry at this time.
by Huntypoo September 16, 2008
A small, neatly trimmed patch of female pubic hair on an otherwise cleanly shaved pubic region, located one to two inches above the clitoral hood, and being no more than one inch in width and one and one-half inches in length.
"Dude, you should munch on Donna's vage some time! She has a righteous muff tuft! Its ubersexy!"

"He better plan of going down on me tonight!! I spent 45 minutes this morning on my muff tuft."
"Oh, girl! I am sure its lovely!"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity April 1, 2010
an Asian that is smart of course. goes to a crappy school and wishes he was like his peers
xander tufts he so asian
by unkown696969 September 20, 2022
When an overly qualified applicant gets denied from a college
Smartypants Jane applied to Tulane as her safety school, but she got denied because they have Tufts Syndrome.
by Vanillachai March 11, 2014
To blow in a woman's butthole and squeeze her stomach to create a bagpipe impression and to make her appear "tufted." Then use her nipples as buttons such as on a bagpipe.
Person 1: So what did you do with that girl last night?

Person 2: Well, I got a blumpkin, then I gave her a Tufted Titmouse.
by Golden Pack January 14, 2010