White trash girls are girls that take Facebook selfies with them flipping the camera off, sticking their ass out, wearing little to no clothing, showing lots of cleavage, and having very little education. They think they're better than everyone else, and feel the need to get involved in everything.
Did you see the white trash girl hitting on me on Facebook? She's flipping off her grandma.
by Bitch222 January 2, 2014
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Taking posy selfies of themselves wearing little clothing and posting wherever they have an audience.
Getting a tongue stud and toe ring.
Going out to party with their other white trash friends with the aim of getting extremely drunk on cheap alcohol.
The thought of eating calamari nauseates them.
Can't eat pizza without pineapple on it.
Kitchen pantry full of No Frills packaged food.
Thinks instant noodles are good for you.
Buys all her jewellery from Kuta street stalls.
Addicted to dating shows on the tele.
Not hard to spot a white trash girl.
by MeSeeYou November 29, 2016
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When a group of women get drunk together and act like basic vapid drama queens.
My soon-to-be-divorced wife went out with the friends and got white girl trashed.
by Tater McNasty May 16, 2020
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