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To reduce to a state of non-existance. To remove all trace of. Destruction in its ultimate form.
I annihilated that mysterious butt itch with one scratch.
by TT February 16, 2003
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To wipe out of existance. Damage in its ultimate form. The apex of the scale of destruction.
While many ships are capable of obliteration of objects, none can annihilate them.
by TT February 18, 2003
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One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-steem.
That tool dosen't even know she's just using him.
by TT February 18, 2003
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1: Usually visual material used by males as an aid in the act of masturbating

2: A compliment towards anything good, usually an attractive female
1: "I'm going to the corner store to pick up some toss material, I'll be back"
2: "Dude, did you see that chick? She was mad toss material"
by TT December 4, 2003
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When someone pushes you to your limit to see if you will so something back
Man that nigga John just tried you like a lame
by TT March 30, 2005
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A very exclusive highly decorated group of exceptionally talented, skilled, and good looking guys who have an intangible level of class.
Team Tight members are awesome
by TT August 21, 2003
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A pus that is absolutely, positively, DISEASE FREE; clean enough to eat, and naturally delicious.
I just had a sniff, and it's lickie-puss tonight.
by TT January 3, 2004
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