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1. Name, most commonly pronounced "You-jen-ay" in French, and also known as "Ou-jon-ay" in Spanish. In English, the name is sometimes used as the female counterpart to Eugene, but should never ever be confused with "You-genie", which would constitute erroneous labeling.

2. Eugenie is best known as the sexy French empress from the 19th century.

3. Often synonymous with royalty, the archetype Eugenie sometimes intimidates people by her regal demeanor, but her selfless nature soon shines through.

4. If you spot a Eugenie, you should enlist her for help, as she bears good fortune and even magical powers. Hence, from this name, we do get "genie", who bears much greater magical abilities than Eugenie, but who must obey her finder's wishes when captured and put into a shiny lantern or cute little bottle. Eugenie, on the other hand, will laugh in your face if you try to constrain or imprison her, and she will then turn you into a tiny, lizard-like dust mite!

5. Anyone who meets a Eugenie should immediately kiss her hand, unless they have a communicable disease or eat raw meat, in which case, they should instead offer her a handmade craft, presented with genuine eye-twinkling.

6. Eugenies are supportive of the arts, particularly theater, and are often talented artists in their own rite.

7. Eugenie is also the name of an erotic film from the 70's.
Dude, you're lucky and all, but it's not like you have a Eugenie in your bottle.

Wow, that show was super sexy like Eugenie!

I just found a Eugenie-penny, so I'll have good luck all day long!
by ChocolateRiver February 03, 2010
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