1.) A group of so-called "entertainers" who tour around to perform various acts of foolery.
2.) A misspelling of "troop."
1.) This damn troupe is making me laugh too hard.
2.) Sean: The best wishes to our troupes in Afghanistan!
Pat: You spelled troupe wrong.
Sean: How can you tell when I only spoke the word?
by Indecent January 6, 2014
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Gay idiot. Tries to speak l33t and sounds like a total idiot.
by Definer February 9, 2004
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1. To truncate a table in SQL Server.

2. To delete and/or completely remove all the data from a data storage.
Q: Hey, where is all my data?
A: Oh man, I accidentally trouped it.
by jaga March 22, 2013
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To really jam your foot into your mouth the first time you meet someone.
Person A: Do you like MMA?
Person B: No, I actually find it quite homoerotic.
Person A: Oh, we're actually all big fans of MMA in the department.
Person B: Oh man, I really trouped that one.
by a2286271 August 31, 2011
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1. The process by which a person makes plans with 2 different people for the exact same time.
2. To double-book
Man, I was supposed to go to a movie with him but he Trouped me and is going out with his girlfriend
by rutherford January 30, 2003
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The process of entirely re-inventing ones appearance prior to attenting university for the first time. The purpose of this being to appear more acceptable to fellow students
I'm gonna need to do some serious trouping if I want to fit in at university
by Malcom Dwight April 30, 2008
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