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1. To truncate a table in SQL Server.

2. To delete and/or completely remove all the data from a data storage.
Q: Hey, where is all my data?
A: Oh man, I accidentally trouped it.
by jaga March 22, 2013
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To really jam your foot into your mouth the first time you meet someone.
Person A: Do you like MMA?
Person B: No, I actually find it quite homoerotic.
Person A: Oh, we're actually all big fans of MMA in the department.
Person B: Oh man, I really trouped that one.
by a2286271 August 31, 2011
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1. The process by which a person makes plans with 2 different people for the exact same time.
2. To double-book
Man, I was supposed to go to a movie with him but he Trouped me and is going out with his girlfriend
by rutherford January 30, 2003
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