tromboned this word means banged, i would bang, i want to bang.bang=SEX
i would trombone that girl. she would get absolutly get tromboned.
by Higzi July 10, 2008
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This word is used when you fuck up so bad that you either:
1. Are going to spend the rest of your life contemplating your life decisions

2. Get your ass whooped so hard it's gonna swell
3. Waste a few years of your life trying to make up for the mistake you made.
Example 1:
Me: *drops vase that costed $15,000*
Mom: Goodnight dickhead
Me: Oh shit i'm fucking tromboned
Example 2:
Me: *leave's location on*
Dad: Where are you
Me: Home
Dad: Your snap map is on you're in fucking Africa
Me: oh shit
by reknaW ma I May 28, 2018
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