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the best dog in the world. my dog. german shepherd. quite shy but lovely. <3
me:hey trigger *throws ball* fetch!
*trigger gets ball*
me:yeah...trigger bring it back now
*trigger runs off with ball until i have to chase him all around the garden*
by FlamingLips September 04, 2006
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Someone who chucks the rock (basketball) every time he touches the mofo. Can also be used as a verb. Ex. Why don't you trig some more bad shots. Put the safety on!
Smith you are a trigger, I havent touched the ball all night, and you are 0 for 37.
by Ziggy1147 October 05, 2005
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Something that makes one extremely annoyed or angry, usually to describe negative emotions.
She can't break the rules like that ! I'm so TRIGGERED!
by !@#%^ January 26, 2017
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A god send to socom. The only muffin with a heart.
Wow that guy is almost as good as Trigger.
by l=3 May 02, 2003
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