when used in the phrase, "that's some trifiling ass shit"; would best be interpreted as doing some bullshit that's makin' you look tacky.
That bitch asked me to throw in on gas for the night, even though i payed for her movie ticket and the dollar menu MacOut. That bitch has done some tacky stuff in the past, but that's some trifiling ass shit.
by cooljuno411 February 13, 2010
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gross; disgusting; wrong; messed up; something that makes you screw your face up.
someone who picks their nose.
by mourning glory May 03, 2004
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An act that is unhygienic, in poor taste, cheap, or blatantly disloyal.

A Synonym for nasty or tacky.

For instance, getting dressed to go to $2 Tuesdays without taking a shower since Saturday is trifiling.
Bringing Lime-A-Rita's to a BYOB is trifilin'.
Paying your barber in laundry tokens and scratch-off lottery tickets is trifiling.
Getting your dad's dad's side piece knocked up is all kinds of trifilin'.
After we hooked up Greg had the nerve to use man's toothbrush. If he didn't still owe me $10 for the twenty bag last week I would've kicked that trifiling a-hole out, right there on the spot!
by LoLoLovely November 07, 2016
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