a girl on the side, a girl you call up at 2am and she knows whats up, no attachments just fuckin', just make sure the girl know she a side piece
Sam: yo dude where you off to so fast?

Dave: I'm off to go poke my side piece nigga!
by gettinjazzy October 04, 2010
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A woman whose one level above a jump off but always below the wife. A sidepiece must know her part. While he may meet your family. You will never meet his. A sidepiece is a women he will never commit to. A sidepiece will never be wife material only an easy fuck.
Mary, Teresa, Amanda, Kim, and Christina were my sidepiece.
by Barr Nass February 18, 2019
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a guy that does anything you want that isn't your boyfriend and you can still get with other guys. the best thing a girl can ever have.
c: are you with your side piece?
j: nah im with another guy
by jockin ohyeahhh November 13, 2010
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Someone that you talk to, to your convenience while you are in a relationship. No strings attached, no stress, no expections, no bullshit.
My boyfriend is working my last nerve, I need to talk to my side piece.
by oxjei October 01, 2015
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A girl or boy you speak to on the side because you do not have time for a boyfriend or girlfriend
Friend: hey man, what's up with you and amy?
You: aw man, she just a side piece, i have to focus on the books
by Aka437 December 20, 2017
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