Some of the most BAD ASS people ever made. Hard core muther fuckers!
Don't mess with the Drill Sergeant or he will fuck you up like a soup sandwhich!
by skin February 8, 2004
The people who forge civilians into soldiers one step at a time. These people give up all of their freedoms to give new trainees/recruits their undivided attention for 6-13 weeks (depending on branch of service.)
You will learn how to be a Soldier through these Drill Sergeants.

From PFC Joseph R. DiPietro | Alpha Company, 1-34, 165th Infantry Brigade.
by PFC DiPietro December 8, 2019
The men and women who forge civilians into soldiers. These Drill Sergeants demand respect and will teach you how to become a soldier over several weeks of difficult training. You’ll hate them, but they aren’t here to be your friend.

Good luck future soldiers of America and remember, the Drill Sergeants will make you a soldier.
These Drill Sergeants will forge you into a soldier capable of defeating any enemy on the battlefield.

From PFC Joseph R. DiPietro | Alpha Company, 1-34, 165th Infantry Brigade.
by PFC DiPietro December 8, 2019
A gay male who is the sex rag doll of the local community. Typically one who lives to get drilled in the ass.
Mike did you run into Chad yesterday?

No I didn’t but I walked by his house and heard utter screams of pain from his window I think Gary was over again.

Chad was probably being a drill sergeant again
by Gary Gravels September 12, 2018
a sex position; when the chick is doing pull-ups while you screw her standing up, while continually yelling at her lazy ass like a drill sergeant would.
"Damn, Sheila was hot, we played drill sergeant all night"
by The_Godfather 72 April 18, 2006
Expansion on the words player and fuck boy. A person that sleeps around a lot or drills frequently.
That guy is drilling a different girl every night, they call him Sergeant Drill.
by 2decadesofgraft August 29, 2019
A person devoted to training virtual lego people into a bit smarter virtual lego people that cause more trouble. Spends a lot of time in a virtual army base and dies to virtual lego raiders with big guns a lot.
"Bro, that Roblox Drill Sergeant is so tired." "Nah man, they are just doing what they always do, trainings, every day, every hour..."
by lolsidkwhattodo December 22, 2021