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One who smoked himself lazy. He used to love to smoke pot, but even that, he's too lazy to do anymore. All he wants to do is stay home, jerk and play video games. A Raysh Potato is also known to use the phrases, "fuck it" and "I rather go home and jerk." He wears the same jeans every day.
Juan: dude you wana go to this carzy ass party, with 13 kegs andits hosted by hustler!
David: Nawwwww, fuck it am gona go home and play mythology, mabye jerk a little and relax.
Juan: dude you such a fucking raysh patato, your soo fuckin lazy MAN.
by Max C May 15, 2005
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One who has such an emensly huge "chode"(or short fat penis) that the cock is so short and fat that it could be mistaken for a tree stump.
"hey dude that girl over there wnats know how big your dig is, no joke." "Rilly?" Well it's about this long and this fat......."EWWW DUDE YOU HAVE FUCKIN' TREE STUMP?!?!?!!?"
by Max C May 6, 2005
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