A gathering where a woman engages in sex with three men, taking one penis in her vagina, one in her anus, and one in her mouth. Hence she is air tight.
Lisa invited the mailman, the pool boy, and the pizza delivery man to her tupperware party.
by Huskey Balls March 29, 2006
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An endeavor taken on by a group of females, or homosexual men, where they hire a specialist to sell sex toys and perfect technique.

Everyman should enforce these because there women come home equiped and well prepared!
by Bo'Jangles September 27, 2010
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When you have a dorm party, but because you are a college student and you have no cups, everyone drinks alcohol out of tupperware containers.
Bro 1: Bro! Party at Derp's place!
Bro 2: Sweet is it BYOB?
Bro 1: Nah but they have no cups so its a tupperware party.
by omin April 03, 2012
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A group of unsatisfied women in the early 70s who organised "tupperware parties" and hired male prostitutes to "satisfy" them and their guests. It was called "tupperware parties" to disinterest their husbands from coming
"Are you going to Tina's tupperware party? I hear she is hiring some guy with a huge cock!"
by LENG_TING October 10, 2021
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