A person who is from a country called Algeria which is situated in North Africa.
Bill: Did you hear about the new guy that moved in?
Ikbar: Apparently he is an Algerian!
by Dinari July 17, 2014
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It's when you feel superior, strong, better and more powerful than the rest of humanity, And you start to see the rest of people as they are useless pieces of shit
Joe: "hangs up the phone on your face As a kind of arrogance"

Than joe has algerianism
by Krhhtt/zebi.art March 27, 2021
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a super-natural being that exceeds all human expectations in all fields from set of mind to madness, wherever an algerian is, everything will be possible, and this statement was made after a detailed study, of living as a member of this strange group of people, they are found in Algeria, North Africa.
is this guy dancing like this hile singing mamamia ? he's probably Algerian.
by mango jam August 16, 2017
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You will see it everywhere. All Algerians have one on them.
Once, I saw an Algerian flag during a hockey game.
During his funeral someone was holding an Algerian flag.
by kingmouns4 October 13, 2020
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An herbal blend consisting of Damiana, Skullcap, Wormwood, Wild Lettuce, Passion Flower and Valerian. When smoked it will produce an immediate, mellowing, effect. Smoking lots of it will get you a little high. Its what the kids will smoke when they're completely dry.
I smoked some Algerian Blend and had head rush city.
by jazzzix April 09, 2009
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When you pour cement over a girl only exposing her vagina and then having sexual intercourse at a speed unthinkable by the common man. (Check your country's and local laws before attempting this stunt.)
When Mary was sleeping I took her and gave her an algerian jackhammer.
by Nathan_Explosion July 12, 2008
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a smoking blend that taste like shit. It's practically herbal tea and honey, it burns real fast, don't buy this shit cause its a rip off, sure it gives you a mellow and calming buzz, but thats all this junk can deliver. Just stay with good ol' weed cause legal blends aint shit you dig.
Johnny bought a pack of algerian blend from a local vendor, when he smoked it he realized he wasted his money and tossed the shit in the street. Then he smoked a fat ass blunt.
by Blackskinnednegro June 14, 2010
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