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The caterpillar is a bizzare sex position mainly practised in western parts of Africa. Much like fisting, it involves one partner inserting both his/her hands up into the vagina of their partner , right up to the wrist. A substantial amount of time must pass for the position to reach its penultimate stage ( typically 9 months ) of the partner opening his hand out as if holding up the gospel to the priest at mass. This symbolises the birth of a butterfly from a caterpillar - symbolising the ex-partner cleansing the vagina of his/her partner giving them permission to be penetrated by a new johnny vinjizzler.
David broke up with Áine last month and he finally gave her the caterpillar yesterday.
by Flappyman February 11, 2014
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A dance move.
To 'do the caterpillar', you have to lie sideways on the floor and wiggle your limbs so you go round in a circle. Results in friction burn and giggles.
Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I just did the Caterpillar. That hurt, but hahahaha.
by Rachyykiinz April 24, 2009
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