The notion that, when a woman (or man, depending on how you swing) has given you a blow job, and then has kissed you at some point in the future, you have then, by transmission, had your dick in your mouth. This also applies to when it was someone else's dick being sucked, and then transferred to you in the act of kissing the one who had sucked dick.
A sucks B's dick, then A procedes to make out with B. therefore, B, through transitive property, had its own dick in his mouth.

A sucks B's dick, then later makes out with C. therefore, C has had B's dick in its mouth
by legatusmortis September 1, 2010
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Invented by one Mark "Chewy", applicable in nearly all social situations. Often used to get some and or burn someone for being stupid.
If you drink a refridgerated beverage, by the transitive property OJ did it.

by Jesus (the real one) January 2, 2007
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1. If A=B, and B=C, then A=C. Used in Geometry.

2. If Person A hooks up with Person B, and Person B hooks up with person C, person A has hooked up with person C. This property is hated by most high school/college age persons.

3. Definition 2, as a verb. To hook up with someone by the transitive property.
1. Angle XYZ is congruent to angle BAC by the transitive property.

2. I got with Dana yesterday, she got with Joe the day before... Now I've hooked up with Joe by the transitive property... damn.

3. We all unknowingly pulled a massive transitive property by hooking up with Julie.
by Sable5CrossesPotentOr December 15, 2008
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The transitive propery, a property invented and claimed by Matt Habib, is a non-universal property which states that any characteristic that one person or thing has is transfered to a related person or thing.


Yay for the transitive property!
by xxpainfulreliefxx July 11, 2008
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1) Any variety of inclination to transition between one state and another, though it most commonly applies to transgendered people;

2) Any form of real, personal, or intellectual property belonging to a transperson.
1) “Why’d Mark break up with Gina? They

seemed madly in love.”

“Yeah it really sucks, but Mark wants kids, and Gina wasn’t upfront with him about her transitive property .”

2) “Following Bruce Jenner’s transition into Caitlin Jenner, all of her worldly possessions became transitive property.”
by The Throbbing Clut of Justice December 18, 2017
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1. The friend of a hoe, is also a hoe.
You sucked three dicks yesterday. Shit I can't be seen with you. The transitive property of hoe forbids it
by 8362 May 4, 2016
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If Person A has kissed Person B, and Person B has kissed Person C, then Person A has kissed Person C through the transitive property of kissing.
If Chloe has kissed Jack, and Jack has kissed Elaine, then Chloe has kissed Elaine through the transitive property of kissing.

When I was talking with my boyfriend's ex, all I could think of was how we had kissed through the transitive property of kissing.
by Ketsl May 22, 2006
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