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Emotive hardcore is what emo really stands for. It is a genre of music that most people do not know about. It is the TRUE emo. There are NO mainstream emo bands. Some examples of emo (emotive hardcore) bands are:
-Rites of Spring
-Moss Icon
-I Hate Myself
-I Would Set Myself on Fire for You

Emo and Screamo are two genres that most people don't know anything about.
Visit: therealemo.tk or youdontknowemo.tk for more

Btw, to find out about REAL screamo, search for "Skramz"
Guy 1: Did you see I Would Set Myself on Fire For You last night?
Guy 2: Zomgz yes! They are a perfect example of emotive hardcore!
by xxpainfulreliefxx April 06, 2008
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The new legit, fo sho, fo shizz, and foshizzle, all in one convenient package. Said with an emphasis on the "JEU" part, as in "phla-JEU!"
d00dzomgz that's so phlajeu!
by xxpainfulreliefxx June 22, 2008
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The transitive propery, a property invented and claimed by Matt Habib, is a non-universal property which states that any characteristic that one person or thing has is transfered to a related person or thing.


Yay for the transitive property!
by xxpainfulreliefxx July 10, 2008
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